About Us

We constantly invest in high-end equipment

A rapidly-growing integrated research-based pharmaceutical company, Riemann labs is an institution working tirelessly to discover, develop and distribute best quality pharma products to the needy and serve mankind with our devoted medical staff comprising highly qualified professionals with a rich wealth of experience.

Commitment to Excellence – Continuous effort is always underway to improve our products in every possible manner sildenafil 100mg. If there is scope for improvement, we will achieve it. Our team of highly qualified and experienced scientists works continuously to develop new products.

Constant Innovation – Through research and development activities, our team is always committed to finding less expensive and more feasible products, which can be mass produced for the benefit of entire mankind.

Environment Conducive to Growth – Growth, and development of Riemann Labs is aimed at expanding its global footprint. The workforce is an important part of our success story and is treated as such. Mutual respect, friendly and encouraging environment and ample development opportunities help us to bring out the best in the workforce.


Riemann lab’s Team looks forward to collaborating with you on basic research, technologies, R&D compounds and marketed drugs across our divisions’ research areas.

As a global healthcare company, we are big enough to deliver and humble enough to care. Even though we are a globally operating company, we have Regional Partnering Teams. Our team mainly consists of professionals with extensive hands-on experience in drug discovery. Depending on the current status of your project you will talk to our team, our experts with a strong background in biotech and start-up experience, and our top-notch marketers.

Here is the list of our awarded Team:

Mr. Rajesh Bhatia

Mr. Navin Bhatia

Mr. Chandan Bhatia


• Stability testing under controlled humidity & at Accelerated Temperature in
stability chamber.
• Dissolution test in finish products conforming to various pharmacopoeias
tablets dissolution tester.
• Non Aqueous Titration in Raw Materials & Finish products by M.V. Titrator.
• Estimation of water content in Raw Materials by Karl Fisher titrator.
• Qualitative & Quantitative analysis of all packaging materials as per the in
house standards.
• Chemical & Microbiological testing of purified water.

Determination of various physical estimation in Raw Material & Finish products conforming to various
pharmacopoeias by Instruments such as :-
1. Melting point Apparatus (Digital).
2. pH Meter.
3. Loss on Drying.
4. Loss on Ignition.
5. Specific Optical Rotation.
6. Sulphated Ash.
7. Weight per ml. & Specific gravity.
8. Sieve Analysis.
9. Viscosity.
10.Boiling range.
11.Distilling Range.
13.Weight Variation
14.Physical Parameters (Hardness, Thickness, Width, Length)
15. Disintegration Apparatus rthodontic treatmen

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